Sunday, August 30, 2009

Salam Kemerdekaan

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sering kedengaran laungan merdeka bila 31 OGOS menjelang sepanjang tahun.,tapi,,berapa ramai yang tahu makna merdeka sebenarnya..ada yang berpendapat,merdeka hanya sekadar bebas dari penjajahan

ada juga yang berpendapat,,merdeka adalah dapat hidup dengan aman...
namun sedarkah kita,,,bukan itu sahaja erti 'MERDEKA' yang harus kita hayati..
merdeka dari segi pemikiran,akhlak,etika..,.

apalah erti merdeka dlam hati remaja sekarang ini...
main mercun???,,
keliling bandar dengan bendera sambil menjerit-jerit melaungkan "MERDEKA"...???
minum arak???
pesta seks???
beginikah cara remaja harapan dan pewaris bangsa kita menghayati jerih perjuangan tokoh terdahulu yang bersusah payah mencapai kemerdekaan???
ku tinggalkan ini buat renungan kalian...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Requirement #1 for a good day: lesson today!!

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lesson today!!
i had to teach my friends how to make a sentence just like teaching secondary school.. so much fun..i was really into it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I get my news from the Internet

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faster than ever...!!!

When I grow up... I want to be a teacher!

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tuition for the needed.

i'm a science teacher for primary school.

Listen here, sugar..let's me melt you

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I' not really a pro but to be honest... i could do it when i'm in the mood.. huhu

I'd fit in well in 'Twilight'

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just love to be in the hero's care

My preferred writing medium

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while doing my assignment, what do you prefer?

i prefer to write with keyboard... it's make me become alert...

Failure is worthy of tears

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maybe it's good to cry over it cause we couldn't suppress it in our soul..huhu..

and we could start again later on..


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hm...ble start sem je... rase macam tertekan plak coz bnayak benda baru nak belajar.. lepas tu start dua tiga minggu pas tu...hah datang la plak KKBI..tu dia...mcm nak pecah kepala otak..tapi tu la...selalu sangat buat last minute..
hm... x cukup tidor la.. ape la.. keje x siap la..printer xde la la...huhu..waktu tu la paling havoc and hectic in my life...huhu..
aku klu tension2 baca komik la... hehe
jadi korg jgn contohi aku..
ni link klu nak baca komik

Monday, March 23, 2009

"Seat me next to the quiet starer, please"

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Well. i could just sleep and ignore the person.
I'll simply go to sleep if I'm taking the bus for trip.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

music for life

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Music.. A common word in our life.Nowadays, music cannot be separated anymore with human being especially among teens. Of course, listening to music is our own choice but at least we should know the advantages and disadvantages of music to us..


1) Increasing brain activity.
Music could give a boost to our transmission of synapse in the brain. It is possible to make us more alert about surrounding and give respond.

2) A remembering tool.
Music help us to remember such important information because music makes the information easier to remember. Music could also helps in learning and could be a tool for a teacher in his or her own teaching method.

3) Aid language development.
as we hear the music, actually we are listening to the language. Music helps us enhance our vocabulary and at the same time we are improving our language.


Hearing music too much could also bring harm to us. Music are spread using sound waves. Specifically,excessive vibration from the wave could affect our body system that could cause inappropriate condition such as indigestion. Using headphone when hearing the music has a high risk to this matter. Even though if you said you like to hear music so much, you body could not endure and send the information to your brain, then you'll fell like don't want to hear it anymore..

So, it is your choice now.. Think smartly!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


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My dear classmates... thanks for helping me to cope with
our life there..
thanks for being such a help....

Dong Bang Shin Ki

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This is a group that i like so much..huhu..
they have release the fourth album now...
i hope all of you could enjoy their music and dance..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

generating cash online

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Maybe some of you want to generate online cash but don't know how the easiest way..
well...i got my first check and i know i should share with all of you
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