Sunday, March 22, 2009

music for life

Music.. A common word in our life.Nowadays, music cannot be separated anymore with human being especially among teens. Of course, listening to music is our own choice but at least we should know the advantages and disadvantages of music to us..


1) Increasing brain activity.
Music could give a boost to our transmission of synapse in the brain. It is possible to make us more alert about surrounding and give respond.

2) A remembering tool.
Music help us to remember such important information because music makes the information easier to remember. Music could also helps in learning and could be a tool for a teacher in his or her own teaching method.

3) Aid language development.
as we hear the music, actually we are listening to the language. Music helps us enhance our vocabulary and at the same time we are improving our language.


Hearing music too much could also bring harm to us. Music are spread using sound waves. Specifically,excessive vibration from the wave could affect our body system that could cause inappropriate condition such as indigestion. Using headphone when hearing the music has a high risk to this matter. Even though if you said you like to hear music so much, you body could not endure and send the information to your brain, then you'll fell like don't want to hear it anymore..

So, it is your choice now.. Think smartly!!!

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