Monday, June 14, 2010

Care your systems.

Salam.. i don't know i get used to write about health care lately. One of the previous entry is also about skin...
huhu.. I don't care!! Well I wanna remind you (because all sort of this you are already know).

Here are some reminders:

  • get drink/patch for detoxification - toxin in your body will prevent the product that you take to act accordingly
  • keep yourself hydrated - hydration will help you blood circulatory system an also detoxify our body . Besides, lack of water volume in the body will slow down our thinking ability. Then, let's keep us hydrated!
  • drink more warm water than cold water - the oil in the food will stick with the cold molecule water and slow down the digestion of food. Thus, it is better to drink warm water after meal. The best way is to drink the warm water after 30 minutes we eat.

  • take balanced diet - take all the food according to the Food Pyramid. Don't eat before sleep. Train your body to eat at scheduled time for your own biological clock sake. For the people that rice is become daily food, practice to take it only once a day. Avoid to take meals after 7 pm.
  • start doing regular exercise- Do some exercise and identify which activity that you could not do. For example, you got back pain when stretching. Quickly, refer to your doctor and get medication.
  • get enough sleep at night - sleep at night will help you to recover your body system thus yo'll feel fresh when you wake up early in the morning on the next day!
  • do health examination once in six month - this is very important to know your health situation. Don't procrastinate this as you may be one of chronicle disease patient.
  • keep your emotion up -getting depressed will physically affect your system. If you are unhappy, your body system will react to for example, insomnia.
  • take supplement - there are so many supplement in the market but the best is to refer to your doctor and ask if you really need it.
Well, leading a healthy life is just everyone dream. I hope all the tips here will keep you on right track to maintain your good health condition. Hit me back if you have some more info on this. An apple a day, take the doctor away! 
p/s: this is not personal attack!!

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