Friday, June 25, 2010

I love all those covers!!

Sigh~~ my hectic damn days make me stop updating my blog..
TT.. gladly I can make come back today.. hehehe
well, actually while I was browsing Youtube .. I gain interest in watching the covers made by fan 
or independent artist.. The covers was great and I love all the version. Many of them make acoustic version over original or rock'in it. Some other might directly sing the song with their own style or direct cover..
I can't deny that some covers made are just ridiculous to watch..however,many people did a great job,,,
and we got to admit that they have creativity for those covers.
This idea raises some famous name especially in Youtube like JayZ's Empire State of Mind and Laura Jansen

Let's watch some other example:



I like those covers..don't you??

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