Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Friendship Award!

Here it comes again,
Award! My third award!MySpace

"friendship last long forever even we are separated"

I finally understand the excitement of having friends while blogging
it thanks to all of you guys who never stop supporting me ..even willing to guide me

now, let's me reveal who are so cute and thoughtful to give this award to me..
She is
p[u]3[m]a[s] 89

thank you so much, dear!

Even though it's a bit late i'm taking this award, it's better than never, right?  

First, those who are getting this award has to make put some links in the entry:

1. Jacowlive

When you want to post this entry, make sure that you eras the fisrt name in the list (Jacowlife) and put the no 2 become the first rank. Then, put your name and link in the fifth place. Be honest and fair, please!Let me tell you, there is benefit doing these steps as it provide backlinks.

5th position : total backlinks = 5
4th position : total backlinks = 25
3rd position : total backlinks =125
2nd position : total backlinks = 625
1st position : total backlinks = 3,125

SEO (Search Engine Optimation)  stated that blogger get 1,953,123 and it's profit. At the same time, you'll increase your traffic if your link is clicked.

To know how much backlinks that your site get, just go to Findmybacklinks.com, Thanks to Bila Aku Menulis Blog - blog personal akuvision  for this information.

Tag your friends and give this award to them. Then, inform your tagged friends that they got award from you.Now,there are six friends I do want to tag:


p/s: want this post in 'bahasa'? Check it out here lovies!!

7 komen dari pembaca :

モハマヅ ブッカリ said...

tahniah :)

モハマヅ ブッカリ said...

tahniah :)

amira said...

wah.. x taw nak tulis nam awak cmen.. arigato gozaimas!! hehe

モハマヅ ブッカリ said...

same2 :)

♥xaturen♥ said...

salam, tahniah sebab dapat award yang ketiga ey..?

;p semoga susses selalu .. okey.,

OrenLimau said...

thanks mira!pas oren terlepas dari penunggu gua,oren culik award ini ya

amira said...

@OrenLimau:ye.. sila ambil bila kamu berpeluang..~~


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