Tuesday, July 6, 2010

RM20,000 for slowest Mat Rempit

RM20,000 for slowest Mat Rempit

I was shocked when I saw this article's title... what the heck? Does Malaysia legalized 'Mat Rempit' race? The sum of the money seems to large for this race. Is it the right way to approach them? Is money really can solve this problem?

I'm not a Mat Rempit~~

From my point of view, although the winner will be the slowest, still the hidden message that the organizer want our community to comprehend most likely misunderstood.
Majority of 'Mat Rempit' come from families that has problems or influenced by friend.

As my house is just approximately 300 meters to the main road, my family and I can hear them having a race. As the main road is straight and the distance quite long thus it became a track for them to enjoy. They usually start to race at 3 a.m. The noise from the outside always wake me up. That's very annoying! After doing hard work in the day, I want to at least sleep soundly.

You may call them creative. However, Does it worth to show off when you are putting your life in the line. Anytime, anywhere in the race you (Mat Rempit) could just die without saying goodbye and suffer in the Hell.

Even they do not love themselves, just think about their love ones would do. I've never meet parent that say they are happy for their children to be Mat Rempit.
Then, when they enter the race, the must spend a lot of money to modify and add all the features that you need to do actions such as 'wikang'. Then, you have to repair or do some maintenance after the race. Why throwing your money to others pocket and die?

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OrenLimau said...

boleh x duit tuh bagi kat IPG????
ada gak faedah..boleh kita wat aktiviti yang best2 sket..haish...x faham

amira said...

nge~~... xpon tulun aa student yg xdak duit ni ha...
kami belajar..inbnu sabil~~


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