Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Special Post~~ : HaPPy BirtHday!!

 Happy Birthday!!!

Oh yeahh!!! The date come again and this time there are three LUcky GUrls and a Birthday Boy of July.
Happy Birthday to Rusyi, Shima, Razan and Farizan.

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Though I don't know what to give you all (since I don't have enough budget) I wanna say these:

  1. Happy birthday! May Allah bless you.
  2. I pray you all get married early so I can eat your 'Nasi Minyak' before posting.
  3. Omo~~ you get older!!
  4. You all are great friend.
  5. Thanks for being my friend.
  6. Thanks for understand me when i'm kinda annoying to you.
  7. Thanks for creating memories together.
  8. I pray our friendship will last forever.
  9. and many more.. 
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I love YOU ALL guys!!!!  I hope we can create many sweet memory while we are here.. (O_O)/

    2 komen dari pembaca :

    Hamzah Ian said...

    best nye kek tu..

    amira said...

    hehe...almaklumlah..kek mahal.. =)
    sorry la x ley nak bagi rasa... tgk gambo je la eaaa...


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