Thursday, July 8, 2010

When Go Downwards Instead Upwards

When they say life is like a wheel, though I kinda understand it yesterday.. seems that I understand the saying more today after what I’ve been through from yesterday.

My life is suck. The presentation was a failure. However   , I immediately came to my sense and doing self – reflection. Maybe because I was too carefree to do this and take it for granted.
All I ever wanted during the presentation that I could end it quickly. Since it was very hot (I found it lately) standing in front of the class. Then, our delivery of presentation seems interesting but actually doesn’t follow the right track.

muahaha...where am I??

My brain seems lost somewhere when my lecturer said that we have to redo. Ours were so minima. Gggaaaaaaahhh~~~~ I only can sigh in my heart. Then, playing cool like can accept the rejection. I kept saying : “ yah~~ because we are the first group, of course we become the materials for the experiment”. But I couldn’t keep my poker face so long.. Well.. That’s me..
The class finished at 1p.m and a member of my group decided that we should start to prepare at 2 p.m. Aiyaaakkk.. !! (TT) but I got extension of the time by myself until 3 p.m. ,well, I feel sorry to them. Thus, I pick the most difficult part for me to do so I think it’s fair. Huhu…
We discussed, laughed and sing together until 10.30 p.m.  During the eight hours, no one sighed about the damn thing that we have to redo. We use almost material that available in our stock. Those manila cards, color paper, glue, scissors were just obediently follow our hand’s rule.
 We just paused to pray and almost forgot to eat. Alhamdulillah~~ We managed to finish all the preparations.

My heart kept beating fast. I can’t stop feeling nervous to present. Oh my….This subject is killing me..60% practical and just 40% from exam..

The topic to present is ‘Prabacaan’. There are three main parts in this topic.
1.    Pengamatan penglihatan
2.    Pengamatan pendengaran
3.    Pergerakan tangan dan mata
We gave all the examples that relate to the sub-topics each after we finish explain the theory.
Well, as we took turns to present and Alhamdullillah, we manage to do our best and we also get some advice to improve ourselves.
I decided from the first day I step my feet down from the car that I want to go back home after two weeks the semester begins.
Since my friend forgot to buy my ticket, I just ran down to the station. Usually, I’ll take bas either Sri Maju; 2.30 p.m or Mara Liner 5.30 p.m. However, all the tickets to go to Ipoh are sold out. Whattttttttttttt??? I don’t wanna wait until night to take one. Then, I kept walking and walking. I stopped and asked each counter if there any ticket to Ipoh. Then, a man called me
“adik, nak pi mana?” he asked while raising his eyebrow.
“tiket Ipoh ader bang?” I answer hurriedly.
“Tiket Ipoh takde la dik, tapi bley amek tiket KL pastu turun kat tol Jelapang..tapi tiket kne amik harga tiket g KL la, Rm36…”
“kejap ye”.. I opened my purse to see whether I have enough money or not. Alhamdulliah, it’s just enough to buy it.
“okey la”
“okey, naik bas tu skarang”
After saying thanks, quickly, I walked towards the bus. Allhamdulillah… I can go back home.

p/s: don’t be like me,… be prepared and buy the ticket quickly after you decide…ngee~~ sorry for this kinda bo#*n& entry.. Thanks for your time.

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