Monday, August 23, 2010

the soo00OO jaw dropping mystery gift- I like.

I participated a simple giveaway by azzah. The condition was simple; leave comment on preferable content written by her.
I love her pic-blogging style. huhu..~~

Without any delay, I drop my comment with the hope that I win one of those prize. 

kya~~ almost screamed actually when I saw my name in the list of winners. Although i'll get mystery gift, it makes me happy and proud of myself.. hehe (macam budak2!)
Let see what I got from azzah.

Cute greeting from Azzah. Nice!!!

Woah, it shines like a star.
Guess what? It a shiny biggy brooch. Gaahh..My jaw was like dropping and I kept blinking my eye. Is this the truth? Azzah, I really appreciate it. This is the first jewelry piece-like I have in my collection.

p/s: oHo~~ I think my competitive streak goes better. hehe.. anyway.. thanks azzah.

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