Thursday, July 21, 2011

So pity

yeah.. it's for you
these sympathies..

Even i'm not happy that I'm being all alone
to the point I cried out of my heart..
the more is..
I pity you who cannot stop clinging around your friends
so.. you'll get what you wanted..
Even worse.. you'll be around who give benefits to you
and throw them when they are not needed

Again.. I pity you
Even though I'll be the last person
who people call to be part of them
yes, I pity you
they just take you in
to stop you from grumbling
to the point
that even the patience me could not stand...

Yo are so pity
when you have something more than us..
you could not less or more
be with others who behind you..
you turn to others who have same level with you

Don't you feel
these sympathies?
Don't you ever reflect what you did?
Don't you feel ashamed of yourself?
So pity..
it's you.. who are being pitied..
I pity you
who cannot understand you yourself..

p/s: this is just finger_exercise ... nothing more than that..

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