Friday, November 2, 2012

3 F's in life

Here it comes. The test from Him. Deep down I fell like wanna cry. But my eyes just dried. It's me getting stronger or else...Well, thanks for that, guys. I can have a pause in my life though to think. Through this life.. i learn that there is 3Fs' around me.

Only loners live without them. Maybe the outcasts too.
As the saying goes:

 You can make more friends in two months by becoming more interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you 

 Dale Carnegie quotes  

Yes. They are easy to find. They are around you. It just take one similar point to be a friend to someone. 
You need someone so you feel stronger. You need someone to lean on. Creating beautiful memories together. Having meals. Well, that's what friends for, ha? Yeah~ Just one thing. TRUE friends are really hard to get. As being the TRUE friend for someone is hard, too. Even one. For me, this friend 'thingie' is frail. As one point could turn your friends to another F. Foe.

It's not really opposite though.It can come from 'friends'. I admit that I don't like to have foes around me. Make me full of hatred and restless. Headache and heartache, likely.I hope I don't make even one. But, through the despair, I train myself to optimistic. Foes might get me boiling with hatred and anger but thanks to you, I learn to be stronger. I get to know myself better as you can point how bad I am. Thanks. Again.

Me is not me without them. Words cannot be used to describe how grateful I am to have this family. 
Parents. I know sometime I made both of you upset. However, thanks for always be the person that at least be at my side even though I feel like the whole world is against me. My brothers and sister. We do argue with each other sometimes. But, deep down I know that way we can express our love with each other more. That's why wherever you guys go, it is a home for me to come back. Writing all this make me missing my family more.

And yeah. I know maybe this is really common for us. Sorry for keep you reading. This is just a sprout of of my swinging heart. O Allah, thanks for making me stronger day by day.

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