Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Alhamdullillah, I'm alive again.

      The third day in school. My excitement of getting the timetable is growing bigger. Yeah, my life after this could be stressful or could be joyful. Well, depends on me though.

      I woke up late yesterday as I'm not in the pink of health again. Today, I made it on time. Glad that I've learnt a route that I can take in the morning as traffic could go like crazy and if faulty could lead to accident. For these past three days, I've been asking another route so I can make some choice while driving. Thanks to teachers that help me whenever I need it.

      Anyway, my eye sore is getting better. Hopefully, nothing bad could happen to my right eye. They are so precious for me. Maybe, this is tazkirah and kafarah  for me to make me remember Him. Ya Allah, please forgive my foolishness. Alhamdullillah, He didn't make me go blind.

     Wishing all of you will stay healthy. I got to do my work now. That's all from me. See you for next post.

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