Monday, January 14, 2013

Be more sensible.

Forgive me readers for not updating this blog for so long. I know some of you might unfollow this blog. 
I write this piece because I'm having a bad mayday. Well, I know it's not appropriate for me to share with all of you my story. Just, let's it be my past. It will be forever in my past.

Guys, please. If you are having something that bring you down, just sit and relax. Think before you shift the blame to anybody else. It might be your own fault that you don't realize. Get help from your trusted friends. Be more sensible. Learn from mistakes. Ask Allah His Guidance. I believe He never fails listen to us. 

Beat me. I have ALLAH who always with me today. He lifted the pain and replace it with joy. Ya Allah, thanks for giving me this chance to repent. 

For those who cause me pain. I forgive them. Thank you for giving me this emotional adventures. It made my day. Wassalam.

6 komen dari pembaca :

asliner said...

ujian yang datang nak suwuh kak mira kuat..sabar ye kak mengahadapi.

p/s: kite panggil akak sebab rasanya akak memang akak kot..hehe

mira_nas said...

Thank you~ =)

mamma mia said...

hai cho..may Allah bless you..miss u..

mira_nas said...

tq~ along~ moga along bahagia gak..

mamma mia said...

like 1000x..(^_^)

mira_nas said...

heee.. amboi..suka.. datang la rumah cho nanti


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