Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Confront and drive.

Sorry for keep posting in English. I think I can express myself more in a 'proper' way. I'm afraid I end up cursing as I'm starting to speak vulgar word recently, hopefully this won't happen again. I'm confronting myself about the stress that I got. I've tried to suppress and heal it.

However, it uncontrollable when I'm driving. I know it's dangerous. But I feel that I can vent my anger while driving. My hand get shaky yet I feel nothing.

Now, I'm homesick. I want to leave these restless days.
(cr to Google)
P/s: Writing in this blog is a therapy for me. Please bear. Or. You may leave. =).

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Ana Farhana said...

:D why like that huu? hehe


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