Monday, February 4, 2013

You look good.

This is one material that I listen to these days. How I wish I can tell this in front of him. I forgive him even he curse me because I know he was not in his right mind at that moment. It was my fault adding oil to a fire. Well, thanks to that incident, I knew you've got a girl beside you. Just take care of her and live your own life. Don't come to me cursing and blaming that you're not happy. I don't treat your love is mine anymore.

I am me and not yours to toss around. Even I have no one beside me, I have HIM who always listen to me. I'm positive and will always be.

But if you come again. I'll never open the door for you. Even you are part of my past, yet you leave scars. That time, I won't forgive you as you hurt me twice.

P/s: How I wish this song is available for girl version.

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