Sunday, July 13, 2014

My reasons of buying new smartphone.

Buying new smartphone becomes a complicated issue for me.
Sometimes I feel that I can wait a little longer but almost the time I want to replace my current smartphone.
This really bothers me. The other fact is I don't have enough cash to buy one.

I have so many reasons to replace it:

1. Lag

So, I have to wait for it to load the apps or even making a call. This is really annoying when urgent things happen.

2. Hang

OK. I know all of smartphone users might face this. Yeah, just wanna include this one.

3. Apss shut down itself.

This happens a lot. For example, Waze. I don't even do anything then it shut down itself.

4. Pop-up keyboard

You don't have to play hide and seek with me okay! I don't need to be entertained like that.

5. GPS

Takes really a long time to locate and sometimes it fails to do so.

6. Signal

I can't be reached when I am in a camp, mall or recently in my high school. My mum almost made a report because I'm missing from her radar.

Ok. That's all.

Well, looks like I have to save bit by bit so I can by new one.

p/s: Just wanna babble something in this sleepy mode. Let's sleep early. Tomorrow is Monday~

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