Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tsundoku escapee

I don't remember the last time I enjoy a book. Reading and be immersed in it. 
I admit that I am a tsundoku. Here is the word's meaning:


I enjoy buying good books but I can't seem to finish a book all the way nowadays. I feel abashed when a friend in my facebook posted about this word.

It feels like a sudden wake up call for me to spend some time reading printed pages rather than screens. 

Recently I bought two books. Alhamdulillah, I finish one of those in five days. I left one in KL though.

Catatan Matlutfi is a fun, leisure and light but awakening messages through all the pages. While Annur & Meow is an interesting comic that use jawi as the medium.

For now, I'm immersed in my own imagination throughout this book. 

I've re-read this book many times as i left it halfway. I really hope I can finish this book. I want to be a tsundoku escapee.  Seems that I less write here because I less read. 

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