Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Marriage Expectation and Reality

In just about 12 days, my single days will be over.
With all these viral cases of marriage destruction over videos, conversation and all the online expressions, I feel a bit nervous.

I can say we seems to expect that marriage is a happy phase as our minds are being washed out with the novels and dramas that have been feed to us.
Men are expected to be loving, romantic, buy her woman stuff and make surprise events.
Women are expected to be caring, sweet, pretty and ect.

However, heyyyyyyyyy wake up.Love is not love until you commit to it. Both. Man and woman. Problems do come later but that's up to us on how to manage them.

The truth is I don't know myself. I don't know him. So, I don't want to expect him to be the  most perfect man that I've ever meet. I really hope he accept me for who I am. That's enough for me.
I just know he is a caring brother to his siblings. A good son. A good 'ustaz'. I pray that he will be a good husband and father in future.

The reality of this marriage is just all over my head. The are some pessimistic people say that marriage comes with problems, while the opposite people tell me to cherish my newlywed days. I know the reality so I stop dreaming about anything that will make me depress later on. I had enough of daydreaming. Hahah.

p/s: I hope in when I read this excerpt in future, I did not regret having this marriage.

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